Product name Premium Fresh Canned Shredded Scallop
Latin name Argopecten irradias
Ingredients Dried Scallop, Soybean Oil, Shrimp, Red Chili
Scallop origin China

Specification,packing materials
and packing style

Specification: 180ml/can, 120g(net weight)
Packing materials: Glass pot or Aluminum Foil Bag , master carton
Packing style:120g(net weight)×24 cans in a carton
Properties Terms Requirements
Flavor Sweet and fresh
Color It has the color of raw material after processing.
Textual The meat is just right. Whole shape.
Odor Natural odor and fluorine,no acid smell and peculiar
Forein materal No impurities visible to the naked eye.100% natural
Glass Pot Seal well, leak-tightness, no bulk tank,
There is no corrosion in the surface of the metal container.
No peeling of interior paint.
Two flavors Original and spicy 
microbiological  indicators Comply with aseptic standards for canned goods.
Hygienically processed HACCP, BRC certificated processing facilities.
FDA approved products. High temperature sterilization.
Chemical composition index Lead:  <1.0mg/kg Methyl mercury: ≤0.5mg/kg
Inorganic arsenic: ≤0.5mg/k
Net weigh and solids content Net weight: ≥120g
Solids : ≥90g , More or less 5% Solid tolerance is allowed.
Quality validity and storage Shell life: 3 years after production date
Storage: normal temperature preservation. Avoid direct sunlight.
Refrigerated and distributed at temp.0~7℃, and finished the rest within
48 hours if you can not eat them all in one time.